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Ribbon Wands March 21, 2011

I was recently asked about ribbon wands for little boys. The ones I’d made up to now definitely had a girly feel to them. Think soft, girly colors and flowers! But boys love ribbon wands, too. I think the idea of twirling around with the ribbon is appealing to all children, regardless of gender. There is something fascinating about the way the ribbon moves and follows their hand movements. So, I was tasked with designing wands that any parent would be happy to let their child play with…

Combination of 5 colors!

Gender-neutral Ribbon Wands

8 feet of ribbon per wand

I love this color combination. It is inspired by the Bright collection in my Etsy store. It is a combination of orange, white, turquoise, light green (celadon) and yellow. So fun! Each strand measures 2 feet long and there are four strands per wand. That means these ribbon wands have a very generous amount of ribbon- 8 feet per wand!


Here are some items from the Bright collection that inspired the choice of color combination.

Party picks

Birthday banner


I hope you love these wands! Leave a comment and let me know what color combination you’d like me to use for the next set of wands.




2 Responses to “Ribbon Wands”

  1. Melanie Golden Says:

    I had sone ribbon wands and cup cake toppers made for my daughter’s Tangled theme party! They were simply gorgeous and the girls loved them. We played “pin the crown on the princess” instead of the tail on the donkey and that was a hit with the kids as well. A friend of mine made the cake and it was awesome. She made two circles in different circumferences and put them on top of each other. They were covered with green frosting and she put sugar flowers all over and around the tower made out of cardboard that was put in the middle. A little Rapunzel stood! We put the cup cake toppers all around the outer circle. So adorable!
    The ribbon wands and cup cake toppers pulled everything together and it was just perfect!
    Thanks so much!!!!

  2. apartystudio Says:

    For a Tangled party, you could do ribbon wands for the girls (in purple, yellow and blue) and do coordinating pinwheel wands for the boys! Maybe I’ll make some up for an example…

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