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Blast Out Friday July 29, 2011

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A fantastic new Etsy Team, Blast Out Friday, where every Friday one of your items is blasted out to different social media platforms!  If you have a store on Etsy and an avid Social Media follower, you have to check out this group!  Great way to gain exposure and promote your store, along with helping others with theirs!

Here are this week’s items!

A Party Studio– cupcake toppers featuring your daughter’s picture, name and age! Totally adorable, bright and fun!

Caprica Accessories – Miniature cake and cream set, perfect for any little girls doll house! 10% off for a limited time

Beautiful swag store-love purple, love flowers, need a something something for that special gal for a special party or every day wear? Look no further-/purple-and-white-hawaiin-flower-set!

Don’t forget the special discount code CHRISTMASINJULY2011

Blue Eyed Blessings – HAND WEAVED Pink & Brown Headband with Hair Bow – Get 3 bows in 1 with this versitile headband/hair bow combo set!

Sweet Emmie Bowtique— A little something for the big girls! Even grown-ups like hair candy and this one is SO special.

beBOWutiful– Satisfy your sweet tooth with this candy corn hairbow! On sale through the end of July!

Gigi– LOW SHIPPING! Vintage dream-rose-dangle-earrings

The Blue Lantern– Newborn Sack Hat 0-3 Months – The perfect photo prop for your newborn

Kindred Scents Candles– Hand poured 100% Soy Votives in Burberry Brit. Smells just like the perfume…yummy!


Blast Out Friday July 15, 2011

Blast Out Friday


Here are the items from this week’s Blast Out Friday. Lots of fun hair accessories this week! If you have a store on Etsy, please come check out our team. We have fun promoting each other’s items on a weekly basis and participation each week is voluntary. The only rule is that if you list an item to be promoted then you need to participate in the blast on Friday!

Caprica Accessories – Pink candy heart headband for girls! Made with real candy!

Pink candy heart headband

beBOWutiful – Sorbet colored hair bow, sure to make any girl sweet!

Layered sorbet hair bow

Blue Eyed Blessings: Pair of Sassy & Bright Orange and Yellow Polka Dot Hair Clips with Black Korker Centers

Bright orange and yellow polka dot hair clips


Beautifulswagstore– looking for a bow to celebrate baseball summer and the all star game. Look now further. Hint there is a limited time discount code for baseball finds.

Batter up all star bows


Gigi– Mauve Crystalline Silver Earrings

Mauve crystalline silver dangle earrings

Goodies By Greiner– Wood Ultra Sound and Baby Picture Holder!! Super cute for displaying your sweet ultra sound picture and then using it for all the fun baby pictures you’ll want to change and display that first year!!!

Baby wood frame


A Party Studio– Full Sailboat Party Collection- digital files! Everything you’ll need to host a gorgeous party. Fully personalized!

Sailboat birthday party


Blast Out Friday! July 8, 2011

After a three week hiatus, I am back online and now blogging from the Florida panhandle 🙂

Check out these Etsy finds!

S. Roskilly Designs-Make that special little girl in your life feel like a princess with these beautiful pink glitter ballet flats.

Glitter shoes

Sweet Emmie Bowtique– Your little one will sparkle and shine in this glam bow!

pink and green bow

Blue Eyed Blessings– set of ladybug hair clips.

Hair clip set

Cuddle Me Crochet – Make the perfect picture for any new little bundle with this Crochet Dinosaur Body Hat!

crochet dinosaur body hat

The Blue Lantern – Pumpkin Hat. This Fall dress up your little pumpkin in this cute hat 🙂

pumpkin baby hat

Beautiful Swag Store– give your baby that fairy tail beginning that each child deserves **use the code “christmasinjuly2011” to receive a 50% off discount**

baby gift set

Mels Marvelous Design – Purse and Wallet combo – ready to ship

purse and wallet combo

Kindred Scents Candles– Candy Cane Soy Votives. Bring a little holiday cheer to your summer!

soy candles

Goodies By Greiner-Everyone needs a little “FAMILY LOVE”! This would make a great addition to your home!

wood sign

APartyStudio– Summer Garden digital party basics. Personalized with name and age!

summer garden party basics


Tutorial: How to line an alligator clip May 2, 2011

Once you know how to line an alligator clip, you can make hair bows and turn silk flowers into beautiful hair accessories! It is worth practicing this technique because it’ll open the door to making lots of different fun hair bows.

Lined alligator clips

You will need:

3/8 inch grosgrain ribbon (total of 4 ½ inches)

Fray Check


Hot glue gun and mat

Double prong alligator clip

Everything you'll need


Prepare your ribbon by cutting it to 4 ½ inches. Make sure your cut is straight across, not at an angle. Treat both ends of the ribbon with Fray Check to ensure it will not fray. Allow the Fray Check 10 minutes to dry.

Cut and treat ribbon

Cut and treat ribbon

Spread hot glue onto the ribbon. Spread it along approximately 1 ¼” of the ribbon.

Apply hot glue

(Please note: Your ribbon glueing process starts on the inside of the upper part or lever of the clip, runs along the outside, over the grips end and finishes along the outside of the lower, flat half of your alligator clip.)
Take the part of the ribbon that you have just applied the hot glue and place it under the top of your alligator clip. You will need to use one hand to open the clip (squeeze the end) and use your other hand to firmly press the ribbon against the clip as shown in the photo.

Hold ribbon against clip

Apply some hot glue on the top of the alligator clip. Simply run it along from the gripper end to the tips.

Apply more glue

Spread glue

Pull your ribbon up and over onto the glue you’ve just applied and in this way covering the top half of the alligator clip. Smooth the ribbon over the glue and press firmly for a few seconds whilst the glue hardens to ensure that the ribbon adheres to the clip.

Fold ribbon

Press ribbon

Hold the clip in one hand and take the piece of ribbon and bend it back. This will make sure the ribbon is not in the way when you apply the hot glue on the edge of the clip’s grip.

Side view

Very carefully apply glue on the upper clip grip. The glue goes on the edge, as shown in the photograph. Be careful because you can easily apply too much glue. You just need a small amount.

Apply glue

Firmly press the ribbon against this blob of glue. Use your pointer finger to press the ribbon into the notch between the two clip grips. Hold the ribbon against the glue for about 10 seconds to ensure it sticks properly.

Press ribbon

Now, bend the ribbon back. Again, you want the ribbon to be out of the way when you apply the next blob of glue. Place a small dollop of glue on the other clip grip.

Apply more glue

Use your finger to firmly press the ribbon against the glue. The ribbon will ‘dip’ in the middle of the clip, between the two grippers.

Press firmly

Place the top of the alligator clip (the gripper end) against your glue mat so that the ribbon is laying flat. Spread hot glue on the last of the ribbon.

Spread glue

Take this piece of ribbon and place it on the back of the alligator clip. This completes the ‘lining’ of the clip.

Press firmly

It is a good idea to now open the clip. You can remove any stray blobs of hot glue using your finger. You want to make sure that there isn’t any hot glue seeping through the gap of the two prongs because this could dry up and stick the clip together. That is why I like to always open the clip at the end and ensure there’s no unwanted glue on the inside!

Open clip and remove excess glue

Et voila! A gorgeous partially lined alligator clip!

And if you never master this technique, don’t worry… there are lots of Etsy shops selling handmade lined alligator clips. Check out these cute rainbow clip set from Mommy and Me Boutique!

Rainbow clippies

Set of clippies


The first few clips you line may not look perfect. That is ok- don’t get rid of them because once you attach a bow or a flower to the clip, it’ll be covered and no-one will see any imperfections.

Lined alligator clips make the basis of any bow but they also look very pretty by themselves, especially if you use a patterned ribbon.


Social Network Blast! April 29, 2011

How Sweet It Is Candy and Confections – Order through April 30th using code MOMSROCK to save 20% and get your order by Mother’s Day!

Peanut butter balls

GemsandJewelsbyC- Sparkle and shine in this beautiful Amethyst and Tanzanite Swarovski Crystal Color Focused Contemporary Necklace. Use Coupon Code SOCIAL to save 10% when you order by May 8th!

Handmade necklace

heathermaizy- The Extra Large Owl Hair Clip is so cute for that little owl lover in your house!!!!! This barrette looks great in ponytails!! Use code BLAST for 15% off!!

Owl hair clip

Audry And Ulric- The Little Spring Sparkle Headband is a SHOW STOPPER:) This will go with any sort of outfit and will delight the little girl in your life! FREE Shipping on ANY item in the store!!! I brought this headband for my daughter and the real thing is even more gorgeous than the pictures!

Sparkle headband

A Party Studio– Ladybug birthday invite with photo! Price includes photo editing! Use code SAVE10 by May 10th to save 10%

Ladybug invite

thechristmascorner – Planning a wedding? Need gifts as mementos for your special day? Personalized Coasters.

Personalized coasters


Social Network Blast! April 22, 2011

A Party Studio- Pink Lemonade invitation with photograph.

Pink Lemonade invitation

How Sweet It Is– Homemade fudge would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift! Use coupon code MOMSROCK by April 30th to save 20% and ship in time for Mother’s Day.

Homemade chocolate fudge

Mommy & Me Boutique – These clips are great for little girls, big girls, and even teens/adults.

Set of 5 flower clippies

CheekyBaby Bows– It’s NASCAR Season, dress your Princess to impress! Free Shipping for all orders over $20.

Nascar bow

Green Meadow Designs– Springtime is here!! Beautiful custom made damask and dot girls skirt!!

Girls skirt


Pink Lemonade Party Collection! April 20, 2011

Summer is around the corner and that means parties outside! Hooray for sunshine- and pink lemonade! Here are some handmade items to help kick off your party in style. And of course, a drink recipe for the adults!

All beautiful parties start with gorgeous theme-setting invitations:

Pink lemonade invite

Pink lemonade invite

Pretty striped straws!

Pink and white straws

Serve your drinks in these cute daisy mason jars.

Daisy mason jars

Pretty yellow cupcake wrappers.

Yellow cupcake wrappers

And cupcake toppers add a sweet touch! These are digital files so you print your own. Print as many as you need.

Cupcake toppers

Mini jams for party favors for the adult. These jams are amazing and dasweetzpot make any flavor so think outside the box. Watermelon jam? Yep, they can do that!

Mini jam

Lemon felt favor bag. Fill this with candy (lemon drops anyone) for the kids!

Lemon felt bag

Chocolate covered oreos… mmmm…. delicious!

Chocolate covered oreos

An outfit for the party girl!

Yellow and pink tutu

And a special drink recipe for the grown ups…  *wink*

Sparkling punch

Prep: 5 min., Chill: 1 hr. For a sweeter finish, substitute ginger ale for club soda.


  • 1 (12-oz.) can frozen pink lemonade concentrate, thawed
  • 4 cups white cranberry juice cocktail
  • 1 qt. club soda, chilled
  • Garnish: fresh mint sprigs


1. Stir together lemonade concentrate and cranberry juice cocktail in a large pitcher. Cover and chill at least 1 hour or up to 24 hours. Stir in club soda just before serving. Garnish, if desired.

Champagne Punch: Substitute 1 (750-milliliter) bottle extra-dry Champagne or sparkling wine and 1/4 cup orange liqueur for club soda; proceed with recipe as directed.

Note: For testing purposes only, we used Cointreau for orange liqueur.

Recipe from: Southern Living JUNE 2008


Tutorial: making an Etsy treasury (Part 2) April 4, 2011

Ok, so here are the screen shot in case yesterday’s tutorial wasn’t quite detailed enough for you!!! You can bookmark this link and you’ll be able to skip the first three steps 🙂


Step 1: go to the Etsy homepage

Etsy homepage

Step 2: bottom left, click on ‘treasury‘ (under ways to shop)

Ways to shop

Step 3: on the right click on ‘create a list‘ (under curator tools)

Create a list

Curator tools

Step 4: you’ll have 16 squares to fill. Just copy and paste the item URL

Fill in the spaces

Item URL

The URL is the Uniform Resource Locator but for us who are not fluent in techno-speak, it is the website address thingy-me-bob in the top bar. Make sense? It is made up of the domain name, backslash and the file name and starts with http://

For example: http://www.etsy.com/listing/69407150/12-mini-ribbon-flag-cupcake-toppers-in

Well, that is it folks… how to make a treasury in 4 easy steps! Or, one step if you go straight to the create a treasury page on Etsy! Hope you have fun and make some creative treasuries. Hope your treasuries end up on the Etsy front page- how cool would that be?

Don’t forget to add TAGS to your treasury. Think about the items you’ve used, the colors, the textures, the theme, etc. Is the collection full of vintage or handmade items? Tags help people find your treasury!

Once you feel really proficient with the treasury making or just need a challenge, then check out the Team Discover homepage and enter their weekly treasury challenge! Here is a treasury I made for one of their competitions a few weeks back:

Butterflies and flowers

And, here’s one more example of a treasury challenge entry. Notice that two of the items are the same (the butterfly pendents).

Fly away!

ENJOY! And share your treasuries 🙂


Tutorial: making an Etsy treasury April 3, 2011


What is a treasury?


An ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery!

Etsy treasuries are so much fun to look at and also to make. In my free time (ha ha ha- that is a bit of a joke nowadays- what free time!!!), I love surfing through the website and creating a beautiful treasury. Here is a glimpse of my most recent one, called All Tangled. You can check out the complete treasury– with all 16 items- on Etsy!


Go to the Etsy homepage.
Bottom left, click on ‘treasury‘ (under ways to shop)
On the right click on ‘create a list‘ (under curator tools)
You’ll have 16 squares to fill. Just copy and paste the item URLs.

Really, really good treasuries end up on the Etsy front page (FP). Good treasuries should:

  • have all the tags completed
  • use beautiful pictures
  • have a theme (could be color, holiday, specific item, etc)
  • use a catchy title
  • check back on your treasury in case you end up with open spots
  • post your treasury on Facebook, Stumble Upon, etc and let all your friends know about it!

Party “Welcome” Door Signs March 29, 2011

I am so happy to have mailed off some fun party decorations and invites to Tisha this morning! She is having a joint birthday party with her husband. In fact their wedding anniversary’s sandwiched in between the two birthdays so they really do have a lot to celebrate! I enjoyed working with her on the invites and am thrilled with the final product. The invites are 5 inches by 7 inches and have a bright white card stock overlay. The overlay is tied to the card with about 8 inches of grosgrain ribbon which are cut on a diagonal. I printed their return address on the envelopes so all she has to do is address them.


The invites match the Happy Birthday banner which I had listed in my Etsy shop. I do have more of this amazing card stock so keep an eye on my shop… I may just have to make another one of these. I love that the colors are bright. Also, some of the paper in this collection has glitter, too.

Happy birthday banner


Happy birthday banner

As a special treat for the birthday gal (and guy!), I made a welcome door sign for them to hang on their front door. This is a fun way to create a party atmosphere from the moment people enter the house.

Party door sign


Party door sign

I really like making welcome signs for parties. I think they are really fun and add  a nice touch. I sell print your own door signs in my Etsy store. The one below is part of the sailboat collection. I love making party collections and think it is really fun to have matching invites, cupcake toppers, party circles, etc.

Sailboat party door sign

Sailboat printable door sign




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