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Adding an Etsy Widget March 9, 2011

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Until two days ago, I didn’t even know what a Widget was. All I knew was that I wanted my blog to have a sidebar that showed items from my Etsy shop. I diligently followed the instructions that I found on Etsy and ended up with horrible looking text on the side of the blog. See how computer unsavvy I am? I don’t even know what I did but I knew there was something very wrong.

I was SO mad. This picture perfectly illustrates what I felt like doing to the iMac last night:

So, I got in touch with WordPress. This is the exact correspondence:

> I did: I went into Etsy Mini & got the code for the code for the

> JavaScript version. I copied & pasted it in to the TEXT widget.

> I saw: It changed the words. I hit save.

> I expected: To see three pictures in a column from my Etsy shop.

> Instead, I see the text from the JavaScript 😦


I’m sorry, but that embed code will not work because we remove JavaScript, Flash, iframe, form and input tags for security reasons.

Please see the following page for full details:


Firstly, I need a dictionary to even begin to understand what that means!!! Flash what? JavaScript? Huh? And following his link made me even more frustrated because it made absolutely no sense to me. So, feeling like a complete fool, I did a Google search and found a really good post that totally solved my issue.

For any of you WordPress bloggers out there with an Etsy account, check out this really helpful step by step guide.



As you can see, I have my Etsy shop in the sidebar. I am a happy lady. Mission accomplished.


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