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Jacob’s Superman Birthday Party October 9, 2012


I was really happy when Rachel from Ellicott City, MD contacted me to revamp the Comic Book Superhero Collection for her son’s second birthday. Rachel needed just the Superman part of the collection and wanted me to omit the Liechtenstein-eque polkadot pattern and the starbursts. I think it looks fantastic and I can tell from the photos Rachel sent me that Jacob had a wonderful birthday. What do you think of the birthday cake? If you live in near Halethorpe, Maryland, you should definitely check out Ms. Desserts. Or take a look at the Facebook page.

Thank you so much Rachel for sharing these photos from Jacob’s SUPER special day!


If you are having a superhero themed birthday party, be sure to check out the various items in my Etsy store.

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Also, I have a board on Pinterest specifically dedicated to superheroes so be sure to check that out, too! You’ll find lots of great ideas.


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