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Paolo’s Superhero Birthday! November 12, 2011

I love getting party photos from my clients and was really excited when Sophie from France emailed me pictures of her son’s 5th birthday. She threw him a Superhero themed party, using red, blue and yellow as the main color scheme. This is one of my favourite party themes and this party looks like it was a blast! Happy Birthday Superhero Paolo.


Sophie used the personalized party circles on the back of the invites. And I really like how she kept the red theme going by using red gift bags for the goody bags. These she personalized with the thank you/favor tags. These tags read: Thanks for making my party SUPER fun! Paolo

She also used the cupcake circles in the popcorn cones! And don’t you just love how she used the hang tags to make ‘capes’ for the lollipops?

Sophie already had invites made so when she purchased the collection from my store, I sent her extra large “P” emblem. She used this to decorate his pressies and also on the skyline:

Sophie used the personalized notecards for buffet labels! And I love how she put action figures around the table!

The water bottle wrappers and the starburst tags!







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