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Super G Turns Three! Superhero Birthday Party Photos February 13, 2012

I love, love, love it when my clients send me photos from their parties! Not only do I get a huge kick out of seeing the products I designed and personalized for them ‘in action’ but I also think it is amazing how each of my clients takes the particular party collection and gives it a different look! For example, check out these two Mickey Mouse birthday parties- one for a girl and one for a boy! I was SUPER excited when Heather sent me photos from her son’s third birthday party! They threw him a fun-filled superhero birthday party with lots of great home-made touches! Check out these photos:


I designed the tent style buffet table labels especially for Heather. I will add them to my Etsy store soon but in the meantime, I have included them as an option in the full party collection.

I love the cute lollipops wearing masks and capes! That is too cute and I bet the kiddies loved these. She decorated the top of the cape with one of the cupcake topper party circles.


Heather- thank you so much for sharing your party photos! I can tell that Super G had an amazing birthday. You can see more pictures, including some action ones from the party games, on Catch My Party!

You can check out a couple other Superhero parties that feature my printables here, here and here. I also have a Superhero Pinterest board that you may want to check out and follow. Don’t forget to like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter!










Blue and Yellow Party February 8, 2012


After he spent two months in Afghanistan (missing Thanksgiving/Christmas/Chanukkah/New Years and MY birthday), I wanted to do something special for my husband’s birthday. It was his birthday 10 days after he got back from the ‘Stan and I thought he’d want a get-togeteher will his friends so I was really surprised when I asked him about throwing a dinner party or having friends over for dinner that he told me that he just wanted to have a low-key birthday with me and the kids.

His birthday morning arrived and I decided to bake him a cake and get a few of his favorite things… for my husband this means Single Malt Scotch, chocolates and a home cooked meal! I picked up a bunch of ‘guy’ cookbooks from the library and told him I’d cook any meal in there! One a side note… A week later, he choose the bourbon and brown sugar salmon from the Esquire Eat Like a Man cookbook and it was incredibly delicious!

For choosing the Scotch, I played it safe and picked bottles that I know he’s had in the past, including his favorite, the Balvenie Double Wood. I printed out a ‘write up’ of each Scotch, with information about the nose, taste and finish of each. He was super impressed with my knowledge and research of single malt scotch whisky but I did admit to him that I got all the information direct from the distiller’s website!


For his cake, I have to admit that baking is not my forte! I picked up two boxes of white cake mix from my local grocery store so that I could make a 9 inch 4 layer cake. I spread Nutella (gorgeous hazelnut chocolate spread) inside the cake between the layers and stuck hazelnut pirouette sticks on the outside. So, the cake may not have looked incredible but it sure did taste good! My only complaint was that the pirouettes lost their crunch because they were pressed against buttercream frosting.

For the decorations, I kept things really simple. I created a simple blue, white and yellow pennant style banner and I made some tissue pompoms from tissue paper. I hung the pompoms with white lanterns. Tissue paper pompoms are so easy to make- you just a need a little patience! Here’s a tutorial that I posted a while back showing how to make these. The banner was really easy to put together: print, cut, punch holes and thread ribbon. Again, here’s a tutorial that I posted on putting together banners!

So, happy birthday to my amazing husband who came home after months overseas, spent 2 weeks at home and is now on another trip. Thankfully, this one is only 5 weeks and he’ll be staying the in the States!

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Paolo’s Superhero Birthday! November 12, 2011

I love getting party photos from my clients and was really excited when Sophie from France emailed me pictures of her son’s 5th birthday. She threw him a Superhero themed party, using red, blue and yellow as the main color scheme. This is one of my favourite party themes and this party looks like it was a blast! Happy Birthday Superhero Paolo.


Sophie used the personalized party circles on the back of the invites. And I really like how she kept the red theme going by using red gift bags for the goody bags. These she personalized with the thank you/favor tags. These tags read: Thanks for making my party SUPER fun! Paolo

She also used the cupcake circles in the popcorn cones! And don’t you just love how she used the hang tags to make ‘capes’ for the lollipops?

Sophie already had invites made so when she purchased the collection from my store, I sent her extra large “P” emblem. She used this to decorate his pressies and also on the skyline:

Sophie used the personalized notecards for buffet labels! And I love how she put action figures around the table!

The water bottle wrappers and the starburst tags!







Faith’s 5th Birthday Lalaloopsy Party! August 15, 2011

Today I am so excited to share with you some amazing party photos! Thank you so much Shawnique for sharing these with us and also giving us some fantastic ideas for a Lalaloopsy party! Shawnique’s shop on Etsy is called One Love Designs and she has some adorable printables! Including the Lalaloopsy ones in these photos! She even has printable coloring pages and activity sheets!

Shawnique made the cake pops! Can you believe that? She made the edible buttons using this Wilton fabric fondant and gum paste mold. Shawnique said that she’d never make cake pops again!!! I made some cake balls a few months back- as a gift for my Mother in Law- and I am in complete agreement with Shawnique- never again!!! ha ha ha! Maybe I’ll post about the cake ball experience a bit later this week! There are lots of Etsy venders selling cake pops. Check out these from Cake Pop Fusion! And I totally love the Rainbow cake pops from Simply Posh by Mel.

I love the sweet tables with the button and heart cookies. Shawnique bought the mini heart cookies from an Etsy vender but she said they tasted horrible. You could probably whip up a batch of these using ready made sugar cookie dough and a mini cookie cutter. I found a 2 inch heart shaped cookie cutter at Karen’s Cookies. Let us know if you find an even smaller cookie cutter in the comment section!

Shawnique also had a drinks tables with lemonade in a self-serve dispense and small water bottles. These of course were decorated with the beverage wrappers. The food table had a fruit tray, veggie tray and crackers. She bought the small cake and cupcakes from Safeway. She asked the bakers there to only decorate them with icing, icing ribbons and confetti so that she could add the cake topper and the cupcake toppers.

I love the balloon wreath with the mini Lalaloopsy dolls! If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I LOVE welcome door signs and I think the ribbon and button wreath is also a fabulous way to greet guests when they first arrive at the party! And it makes a great keepsake!

So, what was the biggest hit at this incredible Lalaloopsy party? The coloring pages and activity sheets! As well as the favors! Shawnique had the children grab a bag and fill it with a mini Lalaloopsy doll, large lollipop, sixlet filled plastic tube favor, and favor box (filled with stickers, fun flavored chapsticks, and fruit snacks). They also pulled items out of the treasure box. This box was filled to the brim with pencils with Lalaloopsy pencil toppers, silly bands, chocolate gold coins, and fancy gem rings from Target. Shawnique found the treasure chest at Joann Fabrics.

Looks like a fun party! I especially love the actual dolls sitting around the party! So cute 🙂 Happy 5th Birthday Faith!!! You are so lucky to have such a creative and caring mommy! Looks like your party was a huge hit.

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