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Don’t forget those birthdays! July 26, 2011

Back in 1995 my cousin Alexis gave me a Birthday Book from the British store, Marks and Spenser. This book had no year printed on it, just days of the month, ready for you to enter people’s birthdays. Believe it or not, 16 years later, I still have this book.  I also use a birthday reminder service from Birthday Alarm. So, you’d think I’d never miss a birthday… well, all I can say is that I try to remember and I try to send out a card, make a phone call or send an e-mail.

Anyways, when I saw this gorgeous free printable on line, I had to share it with you guys! Here is a really pretty Birthday Calendar, ready for you to print, cut and clip together. It’s small size makes it perfect for an office notice board or desk drawer. Thank you so much to the Elephantshoe Stationery Studios and the Pretty Blog for bringing us this DIY Birthday Calendar. If you’ve never looked at their blog, go check it out- their work is amazing.

Here are the photos, straight from their blog. The printable is available here.


Of course, I couldn’t post this without having printed off their calendar and putting it together. Here is the one I printed, ready for me to add birthdays! Isn’t it cute? I think this would make a very thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day… just fill in all the family birthdays before adding a bit of ribbon.

And, here is my 16 year old book from M&S…


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