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4th Lalaloopsy Birthday Birthday Party! September 15, 2012

I often get questions on my Facebook page and recently Jennifer contacted me regarding a blog post. She saw the Lalaloopsy party photos that Faith’s mom had sent me a while back. She asked me for tips on making ribbon wreaths. I’ve never made a ribbon wreath. I think they are utterly gorgeous and one day, when I have time, I do plan on testing my craftiness and I will make my daughter a cute ribbon wreath.

So, I let Jennifer know that there are some nice tutorials online, such as this one: http://lilpartyanimals.blogspot.com/2012/06/ribbon-wreath-tutorial.html Pick your ribbon colors and then add some mini Lalaloopsy dolls. Et voila! Jennifer raised a good point though- after the party, she planned on hanging the wreath in her daughter’s bedroom. The tutorial online used pins to hold each ribbon loop in place. Little kids + pins= not a good combination. Here’s what Jennifer said about making the wreath:

I used a wire floral frame, wrapped it in ribbon (this is what your are going to stitch the loops too), use whatever you like your only going to see it from the back so if it is going on the wall it really doesn’t matter, but if you are putting it on a door with a window, you may want it to look nice.  Then I cut all the ribbon to make the loops between 3 and 4 inches, and stitched the loops onto the frame.  I tried premaking the loops and then stitching them but it was much easier just to do it right on the frame that way you could manipulate the ribbon how you wanted it. Once all that was done, I added the buttons and the dolls.  I just looped thread around the necks of the dolls so you couldn’t see the thread and I did it very loose,  so that  could take them off easily for when my daughter wanted to play with them.  I can add more buttons or just leave it, but it is completly safe to put in her room for a decoration.



Here’s the cake that she made for her daughter’s 4th birthday party. She made strawberry cake because it had to be pink and she used vanilla buttercream frosting. For the buttons on the cake, you can make them out of fondant, but these were sugar and ordered through Sweet Estelle’s Baking Supply. Jennifer said that the kids loved the sugar buttons.







Thank you so much Jennifer for sharing the party photos with us and giving us great advice on making a ribbon wreath!


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