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Inexpensive Sweet Treats February 2, 2013


Arthur Paul's Cake Pops


So, a couple weeks ago, I was wandering through my local Walmart store’s frozen food department and discovered frozen cake pops! I posted a photo on my Facebook page and it seemed like I wasn’t the only one who’d never seen these before. I went shopping today and I purchased all three varieties. I will let you know that if you are looking for aesthetics then you may be a bit disappointed. The actual cake pops don’t look as cute out of the box as they do in the photo on the box’s cover. No huge surprise there but if your kids love cake pops and your unwilling to spend the time making them, then these are perfect. In all fairness, the birthday cake ones looked quite pretty so I’d have no qualms putting those out at a party.

So, a box costs $3.98 and there’s 6 per packet. That means the individual cake pops end up costing you about 67 cents. Not bad at all, especially since specialty ones can cost upwards of $2 each. So, these are a great idea if you are on a budget but still want the ‘fun-ness’ of cake pops at your event.

Here are the three flavors on offer:


Birthday cake cake pops by Arthur Double chocolate cake popsRed Velvet Cake Pops



Whilst I was checking out the cake pops, I also noticed that Walmart sells cake balls too. They had double chocolate and birthday cake flavor and these are made by Atlanta Cheesecake Company. Any of you had these before? I didn’t buy them since there wouldn’t have been enough space in my freezer but these were also super cheap. Only $5.97 for a box of 12 cake balls so only about 50 cents each.


inexpensive chocolate cake ballsBirthday Cake Balls by Atlanta Cheesecake Company



The last thing that I spotted which excited me was taco ice cream made by Klondike. Yep, ice cream sandwiches disguised as tacos!!! How cool (pun intended) is that? At some point I will throw a It’s A Small World party for my gorgeous daughter since it’s her favorite ride at Disney World and she’s fortunate enough to have collected quite a lot of passport stamps. So, when I eventually do that theme, I will for sure be serving these ice cream tacos for dessert! They’d also be great for any Mexican fiesta or Cinco de Mayo. Again, I have never had these before but since Klondike bars are super yummy, I have high expectations for these fun ‘ice cream sugar taco cones’. They come in Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Original flavors. I’ll have one of each please…


ice cream taco cones



I don’t normally peruse the ice cream or frozen dessert section at the grocery store. If I want ice-cream, I simply find the tubs of Haagen Daz and I’m all set. I typically  prefer to buy dessert from the bakery or make my own from scratch if I’m feeling adventurous but clearly I’ve missed out on a whole range of wonderful foods. I’m sure my taste buds (and for sure, my kiddies) will thank me for this discovery! Enjoy and let me know what you think of these. Would you set them out at a party or do you prefer to order from a bakery?

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