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Easter Bow Baskets April 8, 2011

How gorgeous is this Easter bow basket? Wouldn’t a special little girl in your life love getting one of these? And putting this together is so much fun! I used silk flowers to decorate this basket. You can get super create though and use tulle, wide organza ribbon, stickers, felt cut outs, etc.

Easter bow basket

Top view


If you don’t celebrate Easter then you can easily transform the package into a spring time basket! Silk flower hair clips are perfect for that. I took this arrangement of silk flower clips and created a beautiful basket.

Silk flower hair clips

Springtime bow basket

Spring basket

The above basket is for a 13 month old little girl. So, she doesn’t have too much hair- yet. No hair? No problem! In the basket, I’ve included two crocheted hairbands- one white, one bright green- so that the mom can attach any of the flower clips to the hairband for her daughter. Then, when the little girl gets older, she can use the clips without the hairband. Years of use!!! Of course, I love pinwheels so I had to include a couple in the basket. These are mini-pinwheels on 6 inch lollipop sticks. And yes, they do in fact twirl!


If you don’t want a whole basket of bows or you already have a basket made up but want to add a little something special, what about this:

Hair bow wand


Hair bow

You can simply take Easter wands and attach the bows to the sticks. Wands are available at craft stores. The ones I used were purchased a couple weeks ago from Joann. I chose a butterfly one and also a flower one but they had ones with bunnies, chicks and Easter eggs.



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