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Personalized Chocolate Bar Wrappers for Trade Fairs April 4, 2013

Before my daughter was born, I worked in Marketing. More specifically, as an Account Executive, I was involved in sponsorship and advertising sales. I totally loved my job. I got to work with an amazingly talented group of  people and met clients who were so lovely that I still keep in touch with some of them via Facebook. One of the things I used to help my clients with was sponsorship of local events. They’d have a table (or booth) and would beautifully present their products and services. I’d always encourage them to have hand outs, freebies, giveaways, fun props, collect data from the attendees and be entered into a competition, etc. Basically the concept was to get potential customers to come to your table (hence it needs to look attractive and attention grabbing), once at the booth you’d want them to be dazzled by your personality, knowledgeability, quality of your product, and professionalism. When they leave your table, you want them to remember you and if they have a bag full of brochures, chances are that the whole bunch will end up in the recycle bin. So, what do you do? Hand out pencils, pens, magnets, etc that have your company logo? Blah. So boring. Sometimes, it pays off big time to think outside the box… how about water bottles with your company’s logo and contact details? Or delicious bars of chocolate?

Check out these personalized chocolate bar wrappers that I created for Xtend Healthcare, one of the fastest growing revenue cycle solutions company in the industry right now. They are planning to hand out at an upcoming conference. The conference has a Cowboy and Western theme hence the stetson on the front. These chocolate bar wrappers are a revised version of the one in my Etsy store. You can see that here.

According to Kimberly:

The best thing is that the wrapper tells so much about us.  Sometimes it is hard to get your details to clients so this works well.




Trade show personalized chocolate bar wrapperBusiness Chocolate Bar Wrapper

I’ve made other items for companies and businesses in the past… personalized Hershey kiss labels for a photographer, hang tags for a company in Mexico, chocolate bar wrappers for a local election, etc. It’s always fun to make these items but I don’t usually get to see the end result so thank you so much Kimberly at Xtend Healthcare for sending me these photos of the chocolate bars. They really do look great, even if I do say so myself!

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