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Tutorial: Marshmallow Clouds for Helicopter Birthday Party Favors April 23, 2013

marshmallow clouds for favors

For my son’s second birthday last year, I decided to do very simple party favors. In keeping with the helicopter theme, we handed out glassine bags of marshmallow “clouds” and these were a huge hit. They were very easy to put together! Hope you enjoy this tutorial and let me know if you decide to do these for your child’s party. Also, if your child doesn’t like marshmallows you could use white mini doughnuts.

Here’s what you’ll need:

The first thing you’ll want to do is fold your glassine envelopes so that they are all uniform. I didn’t measure them but I’m pretty good at eyeballing… if the thought of eyeballing this step freaks you out, then definitely grab a rule and measure how far down you need to fold these. You basically want to turn your envelopes into 5 1/2 inch squares so you’ll be folding down 2 1/4 inches from the top. Once you’ve folded the envelope, you will insert the marshmallows. I did three rows of three marshmallows so each bag contained a total of nine marshmallows. Of course, the number you get inside the bag will totally depend on the size of your marshmallows.

One all bag is full, you will refold the bag and add a little tape to keep it sealed. I then took some baker’s twine and tied it around the bag. You don’t really need the baker’s twine but it looks pretty and adds a polished look. Next, grab your large “marshmallow clouds” label and use your double sided tape to adhere this onto the front of the envelope. I designed these labels to measure 3 inches so that you can cut them into squares or use a 2.75 inch circle punch to cut out circles. I choose to cut them into squares and I used a corner rounder, too.

The last step is to attach the hang tag. I simply tied it using the baker’s twine. Since I am very fussy about consistency, I also used a tiny bit of double sided tape to adhere the hang tags to the envelopes. That way, I knew each hang tag was at the same angle. You certainly don’t need to do that but if having the tags hang at different angles is going to drive you potty, then I highly recommend making good use of your double sided tape 🙂

Here are photos from each step but if you get confused or have any questions, please leave a comment and I’ll answer you straight away.

how to make marshmallow clouds favorshelicopter party favorsfold glassine envelopeglassine envelopeinsert marshmallow insert 9 marshmallows into bagmarshmallow party favorstape the envelope closedAdd baker's twineTie twine, add labelAttach hangtag


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