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Not too Barney-ish Birthday Party September 1, 2011


I love you… you love me!! Who doesn’t love the big friendly dinosaur, Barney! He is still really popular! Sometimes though we want to throw a themed party and not go too over the top with the character. So, here’s a few suggestions for a Barney themed party that’ll appeal as much to the grown ups as the children!

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Barney Birthday Party Ideas

Color Scheme

I’d stick to a purple-white-dark grey (or black) color palette. This keeps the look sleek and simple! If the party is for a boy then add GREEN! And of course, Barney is known as the PURPLE dinosaur. Decorations could include a pennant style Happy Birthday banner. This could be tied together with black or white tulle. Cupcake toppers could feature the child’s name, Happy Birthday, and the age. No party would be complete without buffet table labels.


Kids Activities

Set up an activity table with crafts and coloring pages. Include Barney stickers and construction paper. If the kids are mostly under four years of age, this will not hold their attention for too long. I highly recommend paying an entertainer and have Barney make a special appearance at the party! The kids could have photos taken with Barney. They’ll love watching their image appear on an old fashioned polaroid! Barney’s companion could read Barney stories and get the kids to do some dancing!


Party Favors

Adults: How about purple sugar for cocktails? And the recipe for your signature drink. I could make personalized labels to stick on top! Or fill cute Chinese take out boxes with white chocolate dipped fortune cookies or go the whimsical route with dinosaur shaped soap.

Kids: Head to your local Target or Walmart store and pick up a bunch of Barney coloring books, stickers, pencils, dinosaur-shaped crayons, and toys!  Fill purple buckets with your finds! How about some bubbles? I can make personalized labels for these! Of course, tutu ribbon wands are sure to make the girls smile.



Dessert table

Cake pops, chocolate covered oreo cookies, monogrammed iced cookies and vanilla cupcakes are sure to be a huge hit with both kids and grown ups! Remember to add height to your dessert table to keep it looking amazing. A simple cupcake stand is the easiest way to do this. Or you could put your dish of cookies on a pretty stand. If you can’t find something that you love then think about wrapping a shoe box with white paper and then tying a wide purple ribbon around the box. You could even put out a bowl of extra large purple grapes.


Drink station

Prepare a custom purple cocktail with a signature name. Something like “Jonesing for Purple” (if your last name is Jones). You could even do a non-alchoholi purple punch for the kids. If you have white carpet, you may want to avoid the purple punch for the kids unless you also supply an adequate number of no-sill sippy cups.

Finishing touches

Add some helium filled Barney Mylar balloons and strategically place some plush Barney dolls around your party setting! You could also do some purple and white tissue pompoms!

Got any other party suggestions for a grown up Barney party? We’d love to hear them!


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