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Tutorial: How to Apply Glitter Tattoos April 1, 2013

Glimmer Art Body Glitter Tattoo


Last year for my son’s 2nd birthday and my daughter’s 5th birthday parties, we got a box of glitter tattoos from Shimmer Art. These were such a huge hit at both parties- even the mums and dads asked us for a glitter tattoo! I think we’ll have to incorporate a glitter tattoo station at their parties this year too. If you’ve never heard of glitter tattoos then prepare to be impressed. These are so much cooler (and more dazzling) than the regular temporary tattoos and they stayed on for well over a week. Yes, these beauties are waterproof.

The box had simple instructions that were easy to follow but if you are a visual learner then here’s a tutorial for you.

1. Remove the backing from the self-adhesive stencil. There were quite a few to choose from in the box and the kids took the selection very seriously. It was fun watching them pick out their favourites.

How to apply gitter tattoo

2. Apply the tattoo stencil where you’d like the tattoo to be and press down gently.

3. Apply the body glue. You want to use a thin layer and do it fairly carefully- you don’t want this to seep under the stencil.

Glitter Tattoos- How to ApplyApplying body glue for sticker tattooTutorial glitter tattoo

4. Allow the body glue to dry until it is almost clear. Now carefully remove the stencil sticker.

Remove the stencil adhesiveBody GlueGlitter Tattoo

5. Use the small brush that came in the kit to apply the glitter. Again, the kids loved choosing which colors they wanted. Use a generous amount of glitter. We found it super helpful to place the kids arm above a white sheet of paper so that the glitter that fell off went on the sheet. This made clean up a lot easier (and you can probably re-use that glitter too if you don’t mind a mixed look.) When you apply the glitter you can use a variety of the colors because the colors blend beautifully.

Applying glitter tattoo Glitter Tattoo image

6. The last step is to use the large brush to gently remove the excess glitter.  Again, the sheet of paper helps a lot here in keeping the area less messy. Et voila! A gorgeous glitter tattoo.

Glitter Tattoo at kids partyGlitter Tattoo Party

For my son’s helicopter birthday party, we used the Pop Classic kit and for my daughter we used the Princess and Hearts kit. This kit was fantastic for her because her party was a classic princess and pirates theme. The kits cost $25 and I think that’s a real bargain because the kids really did LOVE their glitter tattoos. These photos were taken at my daughter’s party. Thank you so much to Danielle from All Things Great and Small Photography for taking these photos. If you are in the Pensacola, Florida area and need a party photographer, I can highly recommend Danielle. Not only is she a total sweetheart and easy to work with but her photography skills are fabulous. You can like her Facebook page, too. It is located here. And her e-mail address is: MySmallMemories@gmail.com

Don’t these little girls look soooo happy with their gorgeous tattoos?

Glitter Tattoo Children's PartyPrincess Party Glitter TattoosGlitter Tattoo PrincessBody Art Glitter Tattoo


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