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FREE Printable Party Checklist June 6, 2013

A few months ago, when I first started thinking about my children’s upcoming birthday parties, I decided that I should transcribe my checklist in to a cute PDF format so that you guys would have a handy checklist for your parties. I just realized that I never actually published the checklist online and with my daughter’s birthday being around the corner, I decided to make this available for you.


My son’s 3rd birthday was at the end of April and we went with a fun Vintage Train theme at a local train museum and my daughter’s 6th birthday party is going to be on Saturday. Gulp- only one full day left to get the last touches done. Her party is going to be at home and I have to tell you that my stress level with planning her party is significantly lower than my son’s party. Having her party at the house means I have complete control over the decorations and I can get the party table set up a day or two in advance. Plus, I don’t have to transport food, decorations, goody bags, drinks, wipes, flowers, etc to the party location.


So, with only one day left to get ready… what is left on my to do list? Well, I’ve already brought the majority of the party food but after tweaking the menu last night, I’m gonna have to make another run to the grocery store. I’ll also be going to florist and Office Depot later this afternoon to get some more stuff printed such as my tent style food labels for the buffet table. Earlier this afternoon I melted white chocolate and then dipped beautiful ripe strawberry and sweet cherries into this. I love the abundance of summer fruit and when you plan your next party, I highly encourage you take full advantage of the in-season fruit and veggies. Since this is going to be a Japanese themed party (Little Kokeshi Doll to be exact), the girls are going to be making candy sushi so I plan on making the marshmallow treat “sushi rice” this evening once the kiddies are in bed. Tomorrow, I’ll do the really fun party… set out the decorations!!!! And of course, I’ll also be doing the least fun stuff too… scrubbing the kitchen floor, vacuuming, dusting, tidying up, cleaning the bathroom and basically making sure that my house is absolutely spotless.


Enough rambling from me… enjoy this helpful party planning checklist. It’s geared towards a children’s birthday party but truly you could use it as a basis for any event. Following a simple list makes planning any event easier and less stressful. To download simply click on the images below. This free party checklist is perfect for upcoming summer soirees! Having a simple to follow checklist makes event planning organized and stress free. Both lists are identical- I just decided to give you two color options.



PartyCheckList_FullPrintable Party Checklist



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