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Summer Garden Collection May 13, 2011

We are moving house in 4 weeks… from Rhode Island to the Florida panhandle! I am starting to wind down the shop, and am fulfilling orders in between packing boxes. I had not planned on creating any new party collections until we are settled in Florida but when Rikki contacted me about making an invite and matching party decorations for her daughter’s first birthday, I simply couldn’t resist!

So, I am working on a new party collection… Summer Garden. Think: butterflies, dragonflies and whimsical flowers. First birthdays are SO special and Caroline is Rikki’s first baby so I want this collection to be really pretty and cute! They are planning a backyard barbecue which is what we did for our daughter’s first birthday too!

First thing I do with any collection is think about the colors I want to use. Since Rikki is having her party outside, we decided the palette needs to be colorful and stand out. The four main colors will be soft green, hot pink, light pink and light blue. From there, I have added purple, soft yellows a peachy orange. Super colorful!

Summer Garden color board

Hope you enjoy this sneak peak at some of the artwork, too!
Here is a dragonfly and butterfly with polka dot silhouettes:

Silhouette butterfly and dragonfly

And the rest of the artwork will look something like this:

Cute dragonfly and butterfly

Whimsical flowers

This collection is gonna be totally cute, yes? Kawaii!

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Hair Bows… silk flower inspirations! March 18, 2011

I love silk flower hair clips in my daughter’s hair, especially when it is tied up in a bun for her ballet class. Isn’t this adorable?

Silk flower clip with rhinestone


Yesterday, I showed you how to make these pretty clips.

Here are some gorgeous silk flower hair accessories to inspire you! The ladies behind these creations are really talented. Be sure to check out their Etsy stores:







Tutorial: The Silk Flower March 17, 2011

You will need:

Silk flower

Lined double prong alligator clip

Hot Glue

Rhinestone Embellishment (optional)


Step 1

Cut the stem off the flower. Discard the plastic green “crown” so that all your have are the leaves.

Cut stem off the flower

Step 2

Separate each layer. We are going to glue these on the alligator clip, one layer at a time. We’ll start with the bottom layer and work our way to the top (smallest) layer.

Separate each layer

Step 3

Put hot glue on the alligator clip and on the largest layer of the silk flower.

Hot glue

Step 4

Press the flower on the alligator clip and hold to the count of 10.

Press flower on alligator clip

Step 5

Repeat with all the additional layers.


Step 6

Once all the flower layers are glued on the clip in a stack, take your embellishment and glue it in the middle of the flower. If you don’t have an embellishment, you can use the ‘center’ of the flower and that’ll give you a more ‘natural’ look.

Embellish the center

Enjoy! And be creative:)

In hair


The Loopy Hair Bow March 16, 2011

You can do so many fun things once you know the technique for making the loopy hair bow. That is probably why I love these bows so much. I really enjoying playing with color and mixing things up!

Here are some really pretty hair bows that have been made using the same loopy technique that I showed you yesterday. These bows were made by my fellow Etsy Bows team members. Hope these give you some inspiration!




The yellow center of this bow is made using the same loopy bow technique. It is the same bow, just turned upside down so that the loops go under:



And, here’s one more pretty loopy bow!



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