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The Blonquist Family Music Recital May 20, 2013

Music Recital Photos

Today I am happy to share photos from the Blonquist Family Music Recital. When mom, Yvonne, originally contacted me the only recital printables I had in the store were geared towards young children. Think pink, green and yellow polka dots and big bold musical notes. She wanted to know if I could adapt the printables to make them more elegant and also gender neutral. Of course, I am always up for a challenge and I was also very impressed that all four of Yvonne’s children would be taking part in the recital so I jumped at the opportunity.

At first I suggested going with Kelly green and a pale blue and use a damask print. I love contrasts and the idea of mixing a bold green with a cool blue appealed to me but as I was working on the invites, the two colors just didn’t look right together. I wasn’t getting the elegant and modern look I was after. So, I reworked the color combination to Kelly Green and a classic Navy Blue. Wow! What a difference. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I also love mixing patterns, too. So, I went ahead and included some striped belly bands for these damask print invites. Believe me, stripes and damask look fabulous together and I then incorporated the stripes to the Hershey kiss labels. I think the overall effect was a good combination or sophisticated yet fun. The damask print ensured that the girls would also like this design. Perfect for this very talented family. Here is the invite and the Hershey Kiss labels.

Music Recital InviteMusic Recital Printable Hershey Kiss Stickers

Music Recital Invitation Navy Blue and Green Hershey Kiss Stickers

Anyways, I will stop boring you with the graphic design details and leave you with some details from Yvonne as well as photos from the recital:

My husband and I both studied music in college and have done an annual family recital since my oldest was 5 years old, so about 14 years.  We now have 4 children, ranging from ages 10 to 19, all who play multiple instruments and sing. We all perform each year, including my husband and myself. We invite friends, family and their teachers from our Music Academy as well as from their regular schools.  It requires a lot of preparation, but it gives our family a chance to celebrate what we have accomplished over the year.  Sometimes the kids complain about it, but just tonight at dinner my 16 year old said “You know, I really loved performing with my family yesterday.  It was fun to do that together.  I think it is a great tradition, and I hope we continue to have family recitals each year.”  That really meant a lot to me because I am the one that manages all the details (dates, invitations, programming, refreshments, etc.)  and sometimes I feel like I am pulling everyone along!

This year I heard about Etsy from a friend and after looking at many vendor’s and even emailing a few, I settled on Tali.  She was great.  It was so nice to have someone with a great eye help to pull together some of the details.  I am a little crazy about everything going together!  I loved the navy and kelly green colors she chose for the invitations and the kisses.  I worked off of those for our programs, flowers, refreshments and even to an extent what we wore.  We were well received and it made for a memorable day for all of us.

Family Piano Recital Piano Recital Piano RecitalMusic Recital Photospiano recital party Piano Recital Family Recital Music Recital Invite in damaskNavy Blue and Green Party Table2013 308Family Piano Recital

Thank you so much Yvonne for sharing photos from your family’s music recital.

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