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Sweet Cupcake Party! May 21, 2011

Looking to throw a cupcake party for your sweet one? Check out these fun finds…


Invitation from my store and also the matching cupcake toppers and Happy Birthday banner. All sent to you as digital files so you can print as many as you need. I create, you print! The invites wording can be changed. Just let me know what you’d like. For example, Cute as a cupcake and so much fun! Our little cupcake is turning one!

Cupcake invite

Cupcake toppers


Party activities

Bake a bunch of cupcake but do not decorate them. Line up tubs of colored frosting, sprinkles, chocolate chips, gummy bears, etc and let the kids go crazy decorating their own cupcakes!

You could do something similar with sugar cookies- get a few cupcake shaped cookie cutters and let the kids cut out the cookies. Then, bake them at the party! The whole house will smell fabulous and the kids can eat warm sugar cookies… mmm…

Pin the candle on the cupcake game!

How about a game of cupcake-cupcake-cherry (a version of duck-duck-goose) or a cupcake hunt (hide paper cupcakes around the house and see how many they can find… kids love treasure hunts).

Set up a craft station! Let the kids decorate a paper cupcake using glitter glue, tissue paper, sequins, markers and pom palms!

Party favors

For the party favors, check out all the amazing handmade cupcake stuff available on Etsy! How about these adorable mini cupcakes soap made out of goats milk. They look so real.

Goats milk soap

What about sending the kids home with monogrammed cupcake party sugar cookies? Two dozen cookies will set you back $21. That is about 88 cents a cookie.

Cupcake cookies

Or a set of cupcake rings! Buy a few sets and put one in each goody bag. Little girls LOVE to accessorize!

Cupcake rings

Shaped crayons are really popular at the moment and of course kids love coloring so they are a party hit! Check out these mini cupcake shaped crayons. You get 7 of these for only $3.95 so 56 cents a piece! What a steal.

Cupcake crayons

A cute and simple goody bag can be made from a brown lunch bag. Punch a couple holes at the top and weave gorgeous cupcake ribbon though the holes! I love this pretty grosgrain ribbon.

Cupcake ribbon

Birthday girl outfits

And every party girl needs a special party outfit! I love all these beautiful outfits! I think a monogrammed top is adorable and tutus are beyond fun! Don’t forget her hair accessories too.

Tutu cupcake outfit

Zebra cupcake!

Cupcake bow

Double layer pinwheel bow

Double layer hair bow


Have you seen the Wilton 3-D cupcake pan? Use it to create a huge 3-D cupcake for the whole party to share. If you have a lot of guests then you may want to bake two of these (or also serve cupcakes). For this cake, all you have to do is bake it then assemble the top and bottom cake halves using a thin layer of icing. Here’s a cool review of the pan. Sounds like the biggest tip is to not overfill the pan.

Giant cupcake pan by Wilton

And here is a decorate cake made using this pan:

Giant cupcake cake

The cake was made with fondant on the bottom, buttercream icing was piped on the top using a giant tip. The cherry is made from fondant and gumpaste.

Wishing your little cupcake a very sweet birthday!


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