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Valentine’s Day Butterflies with FREE printables! February 2, 2012



My daughter will be taking Valentine’s Day lollipop butterflies for all her friends at preschool. She is super excited and keeps talking about Valentine’s Day which I think is super sweet since I don’t recall ever being excited about this holiday growing up in England. It just wasn’t a big deal. February in England was just a blah month so I am happy to see her get so excited and have a few fun Valentine’s Day activities planned for the kiddies.

I picked up a box of Valentine lollipops at the grocery store and on the box were the cutest ideas for a craft, to make your own Valentine cards. Check this out:


Doesn’t that look like a great idea! So, I turned on my computer and whipped up some colorful butterflies and flowers. I’ll post the  flowers tomorrow but here are the butterflies, all cut up and ready for their lollipop sticks.

For this simple project, I picked up some wiggly eyes from my local Joanns craft store. They’d run out of sticker ones so unfortunately the ones I got required some glue in order to get them stuck on the lollipops. As always, when crafting, I highly recommend having decent sharp scissors. I absolutely love my EK Success Bee Precision Scissors. Spending $10 may seem ridiculous for a pair of scissors but they are well worth it. They are amazing but I have to keep them hidden because they are seriously sharp and I don’t want either of my kids getting hold of these!


So, to put these together… print out the free download on heavy, bright white paper. 110 lb card stock is ideal. Then, cut out the butterflies. Fold the butterflies in half to create a vertical crease down the middle. Whilst the butterfly is folded, cut the slits (basically, just cut along the grey lines) and the unfold your butterfly. You can now slip the lollipop stick between the slits and if you’d like, you can attach some wiggly eyes!

Of course, I am going to share the butterflies with you! I hope you are able to use these for your children. There are six butterflies on each sheet, along with simple instructions. And, if you are more traditional and prefer pinks and red for Valentine’s Day, then you are in luck since I have a sheet of butterflies in cute pinks and red to share, too! Simply click on either of the pictures below to download the PDF files from Scribd.com


Enjoy and let me know how your Valentine projects came out xxxx

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