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Neapolitan Inspiration April 27, 2011

I am a team leader in an Etsy bow making group. I’ve met the most amazing ladies through this team. Recently, we were discussing sources of inspiration and color combinations. Most of us look at children’s clothes, magazines, catalogues such as Pottery Barn to find inspiration. Sometimes though, inspiration comes from unusual sources…

Back in January, I saw the most beautiful cake. Check this out:

Neapolitan cake

Sliced cake

How adorable? I love that on the outside, it looks like a bog standard cake with pink frosting and white sprinkles. What an amazing surprise when you slice it and discover layers of deliciousness! I am determined to make one of these for my daughter’s upcoming 4th birthday (gulp- wish me luck!). My baking skills leave a lot to be desired so I’ll be using store brought cake mixes in strawberry, classic vanilla, and of course chocolate (or maybe devil’s food cake). Gotta love Betty Crocker.

I have a month before I have to put my baking to the test. In the meanwhile though I was inspired to create a pink, white and brown loopy hair bow. This bow is 4 inches in diameter and has three layers…. I think I will make another one where each layer is a different color.

Triple loopy bow

Side view

And to represent the pink and white on the outside of the cake:

Pink and white bow

And check out the inside-out Neapolitan cake! Doesn’t this make your mouth water?

Inside out neapolitan cake

Thank you Sweetapolita for the delicious inspiration!

Fancy making a loopy bow? Check out the tutorial!


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