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Tutorial: how to add a picture to CD template August 26, 2012

I recently added the option of a CD cover/image for the You are My Sunshine party collection. It seems to be a fairly popular item and I am considering adding this option to other party collections. One of the issues with selling CD covers is that the manufacturers change the templates or you may not be able to find the correct template at your local store. Right now, I have the PDF file aligned for Avery templates #5824 or #8692. Of course, I don’t have the time to do PDF files to align with every template on the market so what do you do if you can’t get hold of either Avery templates #5824 or #8692?

Here’s my solution… request a PNG file for your CD cover. I will send you a high resolution PNG file (300 dpi so perfect for print media) and you can add this to your template. Most templates are Word documents so regardless of where the CD picture needs to be aligned on the page, you can add your PNG file to the correct area. I’m going to include a bunch of screen shots to show you how to do this!

Basically what you’ll need to do is:

1. open your CD template as a Word document

2. go to Insert- Picture- from File


3. choose the PNG file that I have e-mailed you

4. Now that you’ve added your PNG file, you’ll need to right click on the picture and click Format Picture

5. Click on Layout and format the picture Behind Text. Click OK.


6. Now you are able to move the picture so that it is aligned correctly.

7. You will need to delete the template text boxes and repeat this process for the CD on the bottom of the page. Simply click on the text box and then hit delete on the keyboard. You could also do this first thing- before inserting your PNG files.




Let me know if you have any questions or problems adding a picture to your CD template. I think a music CD is a lovely party favor or you could use the personalized CD label for a CD that contains party photos and post these to out of town family members who were unable to make the big bash.

Of course, I also have these CD covers available for little girls, using hot pink instead of blue as an accent color 🙂




I hope you find this tutorial helpful. Please, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook page!


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