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Nutella Cake with Pirouette Cookies February 22, 2012



I don’t like baking very much. Actually, maybe it’s more a case of not being good at it, as opposed to not liking it. In any case… But, every now and then I need to make a cake at home. Perhaps the local bakery doesn’t have the exact flavor or look I want… Or, I just want to have some fun in the kitchen with my four year old! So thinking of way to make cakes look pretty whilst being super easy to make is something I DO enjoy 🙂

My hubby recently celebrated his 41st birthday and my daughter was very keen on making him a cake. So, I headed out to the store and picked up a couple of supplies (including cake pans!!!) and made this (somewhat cute) pirouette cake.

I baked two packets of white cake mix (so that I’d have a four layer cake). Thank you Betty Crocker! Then, I cut the each cake so that it was flat (not domed). I spread the first cake layer with Nutella hazelnut spread. It was really hard to spread. Maybe because the cake was so moist? I ended up using half my tub of Nutella! So, I decided to spread the next layer  with frosting instead. The final layer was spread with Nutella. I figured this would look attractive once cut.


Here’s how easy this was to put together:



The only complaints that I had were that the Nutella was really  hard to spread on the cake; hence, I also did a layer with frosting. Next time, I’d whip it with some chocolate frosting (or see if I can purchase hazelnut flavored chocolate frosting). My other complain was that the pirouette cookies got soggy from being pressed agains the buttercream. The kids and my husband didn’t mind at all but one of the things I like so much about this cookies is their crunch.

As you can see this cake was a huge hit. The kids LOVED it and my daughter was thrilled that she helped bake the cake! More photos from this celebration are available here.



3 Responses to “Nutella Cake with Pirouette Cookies”

  1. Melanie Golden Says:

    This looks yummy! I have a little tip for you with the nutella, warm it up a little and it gets much easier to spread!!!
    I will attempt this one at Maddies b-day!

  2. apartystudio Says:

    I will remember that. Thanks for the great tip 🙂

  3. apartystudio Says:

    My client, Heather, e-mailed me with some cake tips!!! Thank you so much. I think these tips will help a ton next time I bake a cake (in a year or two… ha ha ha!!!).

    Next time you frost, make sure your cake is frozen or at least very cold. Put a thin layer of frosting “crumb coat” and put it back into the freezer for about 20 minutes, then spread the Nutella over that. It should help prevent the tearing. You can also probably put the Nutella on defrost in the microwave for about half a minute and stir it up. It will thin it out and then it will set back up again very quickly. I’m by no means an expert, but I’ve made enough cakes that I have figured out how to get past some of the frustrations.

    I’m actually only joking about waiting that long to bake again. I am playing around with the idea of doing my son’s cake for his 2nd birthday and maybe even venturing into fondant… wish me luck!

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