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Thanksgiving Coloring Pages November 18, 2011


I love finding fun coloring pages that you can print out at home! These are way easier (and probably cheaper) than buying coloring books, especially if the event is seasonal or a holiday. I received an e-mail today asking about Thanksgiving coloring pages. So, I have scoured the internet and found what I think is a lovely selection for kids of all ages and coloring-in abilities!

Print as many as you need but remember that although it is really fun to color in pictures, kids also love to express their creativity by doing their own drawings. So, remember to also put out some blank sheets of paper for your budding artists.

All these printables are free- just click on the picture! And, if you find others online that you love, please let us all know in the comments section and include the link. Thanks!



Looking for something else or need more coloring pages? Check out this website as well as this site! Or do a search for free printable Thanksgiving coloring pages. As always, I love the selection of coloring pages on the Crayola website.


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