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Butterflies and Dragonflies August 29, 2011

Take a look at these photos from Sophia’s 4th birthday party! Her mom loves dragonflies and since Sophia’s birthday is in August, she wanted something summery, with pretty girly colors. The Butterfly and Dragonfly collection from my Etsy store worked out perfectly!

In the above tablescape , you can see see the cupcake toppers, the cupcake wrappers, and water bottle wrappers. For the goody bags, they included bottles of bubbles (a big hit, I’m sure) which were incorporated into the theme of the party by adding the cute matching bubble labels! They also included a full size Hershey bar with a personalized wrapper. The bubble labels and the chocolate bar wrapper are not currently listed in my Etsy store, but if you are interested in those, you can contact me 🙂

Here are some more photos from the party! Looks adorable and I’m sure the birthday girl had a fabulous birthday. And great job on the handmade cupcakes!



If you are interested in a butterfly and dragonfly birthday party for your little girl, then take a look at the matching invite. As always, I can make any simple changes that you’d like!

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