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Refreshing summer cocktails July 19, 2011

Bring back 5 o’clock cocktail time! These refreshing and colorful drinks are perfect for unwinding. Every color of the rainbow is represented below so you can match your cocktail to your party’s color scheme (or do a rainbow and one of each).

Click on any picture to be taken to the recipe and directions. Do you have a favorite summer drink recipe? My family loves a classic shandy-  simply mix equal parts beer and 7-Up. Fill a glass half full of beer (light beer works best) and then fill the rest of the glass with 7-Up. Delicious! We’ve done this using Ginger Ale and it worked great.


Sparkling pomegranate

Watermelon punch



Passion Fruit Mojitos





Sparkling Fresh Paloma

Lemon Shandies



Apple Mezcaltini

Honeydew Fizz


Blue Bahama


Blue Souvenir


Cointreau Tease


Purple Mother


Black Forest Gateau Martini


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