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Teacher Appreciation Week and FREE Printable May 3, 2011

It is Teacher Appreciation Week here in Rhode Island. My 3 year old has three incredible teachers at her preschool! She adores each of them so we wanted to take a little something sweet to say thank you for all their hard work and thoughtfulness throughout the year.

We decided that handmade twirlable pinwheels with a handwritten thank you label would be perfect!

Pinwheel label

These pinwheels really do spin!

We also made chocolate wrappers to say thanks. I printed them out and wrapped them around a Hershey chocolate bar.

Chocolate bars

Back of bar

If you are looking for a sweet something for your child’s teacher, you can download this chocolate bar wrapper- for FREE! Need instructions on putting these together? Check out my tutorial! https://apartystudio.wordpress.com/2011/04/25/tutorial-personalized-candy-bar-wrapper/

FREE printable wrapper

If you want a chocolate bar wrapper that is even more personalized, then shoot me an e-mail. Digital personalized chocolate bar wrappers are available on my Etsy store for only $15 ad I can make them to match any theme. I also have them available to match the digital invites that I’ve designed.


3 Responses to “Teacher Appreciation Week and FREE Printable”

  1. Melanie Golden Says:

    What a great idea!! I will definitely print some out for my daughters teacher!!! She is amazing!!!
    Thanks so much for the wonderful idea!!!

  2. apartystudio Says:

    I’m so glad you like these! I didn’t realize it was Teacher Appreciation Week until Monday evening so I thought I’d better whip up something simple, fun and thoughtful! I love how the wrapper turned out and am glad others can use these too 🙂

  3. […] you are looking for my preschool wrapper from last year, you can download it […]

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