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Candy Wrapper Party Favors April 11, 2011

Every year for my daughter’s birthday I have made personalized candy bars and these have been given out as party favors. I love these and I am going to continue the tradition with my son. His first birthday party will be coming up in a few weeks.

Here are the ones I’ve made for my darling daughter, Aubrie over the past three years. A big thank you to my friend Wendy who created the graphics for these!

1st birthday: garden ladybird


2nd birthday: under the sea


3rd birthday: Hello Kitty




5 Responses to “Candy Wrapper Party Favors”

  1. apartystudio Says:

    Thanks! I think they are super and also double up as a keepsake because each year I write their milestones/things they love!

  2. […] out the other personalized chocolate wrappers that I have made in years past for my daughter’s birthday […]

  3. […] every year for my daughter and of course made one for my son’s first birthday. Check out this blog entry to see the first three I made for my Aubrie. And, here’s the one I made for Asher’s […]

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