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Five days of hair bows March 14, 2011

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I am dedicating this week to ribbons and hair bows! I will be doing two tutorials- one for the loopy hair bow that I love so much, the other will show you how to make a silk flower hair clip. In my opinion, every girl should have a gorgeous accessory in her hair, especially on her birthday! It’s all part of the birthday package… to make her feel beautiful and special. I always buy my daughter a pretty dress or special outfit for her party. I’ve seen ladies who dress their daughter in colors to match the theme of the party whilst others choose a contrasting color. Whatever you decide to do with her outfit, it would not be complete without a gorgeous bow or other hair accessory. That is one of the reasons why I include hair bows in my party store. Plus, I think they make great party favors or party prizes!

My absolutely favorite bow to make is the triple layer loopy bow. These are so much fun and later this week, I promise to post a tutorial so that you can make your own. In the meantime, here are some gorgeous bows that I think any girl would love… and even some that their mommies would swoon over!

Yellow, green and hot pink is one of my favorite color combinations. Look at this layered boutique bow. Perfect for a spring birthday!


Another color combination I love is hot pink and lime green! Check out this flower headband. These are perfect for babies! Not only do they look stunning in photographs, these headbands don’t leave marks or press too hard on the baby girl’s head.


Here are some cute tuxedo clips. I love the classic black and white. These are great for toddlers or if your little girl is growing out her bangs. These also make good party favors!


And who said hair bows were just for little girls? Headbands and flowers are very trendy at the moment. Each year, I go to the Marine Corps ball with my husband and I love seeing the beautiful dresses and hair accessories.

I would love this headband for me! Hint hint…


And this one too… I just love the lace and pearl combination. Very elegant. It has that modern-vintage look.



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